Residential Provision

Fountaindale’s Residential Department, known as the “Woodland Den” provides a stimulating educational experience to enhance and extend the curriculum and to develop children and young people in a residential setting, whilst ultimately aiming towards future supported living.

The ethos of school carries over into the residential setting with individual support plans and strategies being echoed on the residential side of school life. Through the seamless approach from education to care we are able to enhance learning by incorporating it within a 24 hour working curriculum.

In the Woodland Den there is strong emphasis on encouraging the young people to develop their independence and a focus on empowering them to communicate both within the department and out in the wider community. We also aim at developing their social skills/activities, encouraging positive friendships, supporting independence, emotional wellbeing, and functional skills.

The Residential Child Care Officers (RCCO) and senior staff work in conjunction with school staff, parents and other professionals to ensure consistency and agree targets to promote the students’ independence, communication and social skills.

The Woodland Den currently operates for two nights per week (Monday and Tuesday) for 30 weeks per year and is open to pupils in Key Stages 4 and 5.  Families apply each term and once granted a place, pupils stay for one night per week for a 10 week block.

Residential students have access to a fully equipped flat where they can develop their skills for independence. There is a dining room and lounge as well as the main school facilities which are available for various activities.

Residential Ofsted Report February 2020

If you require further information, then please contact the school on 01623 792671.