One class were asked to write a poem inspired by what they see from their window.  Below is one of the poems.


As I glance out the patio doors

Wildlife is free to now explore

With the world so quiet and still

Birds are now free to every mountain, forest and hill

For us, the rulers of the earth

The ones who have turned almost every piece of dirt

Are now hiding, from an invisible predator that the wildlife is blessed to never know


What do they think when they see us behind closed doors?

The world is clean and oh, so pure

Yet little do they know their own innocence, illusions, and their priceless freedom


Falling back into our wary state

We play, we laugh, all behind closed gates

Little children climbing trees

Wondering why they can’t be free

Standing far from friends so near

They long to hug, hold hands and cheer

Confused about why they can’t

Is this really what is happening now?


How long will this go on for?

Nobody knows

But one thing that I do know well

Is how we will appreciate all we have,

These happenings are dividing physically

Yet community bonds strengthen day by day

And I hope nothing will take that away