Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs

Fountaindale School is committed to providing our pupils with the highest standard of care. To support this we employ a team of experienced Health Support Assistants. This team ensure feeds and medication are safely administered in-line with local authority guidelines.

The team are trained to NHS standards by professional trainers. Staff undertake regular checks to ensure skills and competency levels are maintained. The health support team cannot diagnose conditions or prescribe medication.

The Health Support Team are:

Tracy Simms — Education Health Liaison

Louise Atkinson — Health Care Assistant

Melissa Tovey — Health Care Assistant

Community nurses are no longer based in school but we can seek advice and support from the nursing team throughout the school day if required.

To ensure the safety of all pupils the school adheres to Nottinghamshire County guidelines on the handling and administering of medication in school.

Please be aware we cannot change the prescribed dose or administration advice of medication or feeds without written confirmation from a medical practitioner.

Always ensure you:

  • Provide pharmacy labelled medication only
  • Check medication is in date before sending to school
  • Provide unopened medication
  • Inform school of any changes to medication prescribed
  • Any medication taken twice a day or less should be given before or after school at home

Medication consent forms can be obtained from school or can be downloaded below.

Medication Administation Consent Form

Emergency Medication Administration Consent Forms

A pack of information will be sent out by school annually. Please complete and return all information at the start of the new school year.

If you have any questions please contact Tracy Simms on 01623 792671 option 3