Letters to Parents and Carers

13.01.2021 – Letter from the Evolve Trust

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are pleased to share with you a letter from the Chair of Governors introducing Evolve Academy Trust. We look forward to joining the Evolve Trust in the near future.

Kind regards

Donna, Jan, Linda & Anita

Letter From The Evolve Trust 08.01.21

January Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers

The new year has started, the turkey is finished, and the mince pies are a distant memory, except on my waistline. We were all hoping for a return to normality, but it appears to have been delayed for a little while longer. We appreciate that many people are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the news of a second lockdown.

Once again, for those pupils not coming in to school, we will be providing home learning packs. Our intention is not to add extra pressures. We hope the message in this email helps to reduce the pressure by providing clarity around our perspective and expectations.

Firstly, what we are offering is remote learning. Unlike Home Schooling, you have not chosen this option. You have not signed up to planning, delivering and taking for responsibility for your child’s learning. It is the result of a worldwide, emergency situation. We are working together to do the best we can.

Even when your child is attending school you play an essential role in their learning. This is because learning happens everywhere, not just at school. Learning can be achieved through self directed play, day to day tasks, interaction with family, and quiet reflection. If your child isn’t engaging in the activities sent home, and prefers to make up stories with their toys, play games, make mud pies, or listen to music then don’t worry. They are still learning, being creative and problem solving.

Everyone needs ‘down time’, especially when routines are changed so dramatically. There is a lot to process. There may be times when you feel that your child is not ready to engage; moments when they first need to fill their cup with rest, play or connection. Allowing time for this is not neglecting your child’s learning. It supports readiness to learn.

We know you value the job we do here at Fountaindale, because you tell us. Now we need to say we value the jobs you do. If you are working from home then we understand this is important. Do not feel guilty if you do not have the time to dedicate to completing tasks sent home. Just continue to be a loving parent; you don’t have to be Superman or Wonder Woman (although I would like to look like her). We are going to get through this by supporting each other and being kind to ourselves.

We are aware at Fountaindale that improvements to our remote learning offer needed to be made so, this term, all classes will be delivering some virtual ‘teacher time’ on a daily basis. This time will vary in length and content but will offer your child some quality time with their teacher or another member of their class team, with other children present or by themselves. Some of these sessions will have been pre-recorded so you can watch at any time with your child. Others will be live action.

In addition, senior leaders will be ‘dropping in’ to home learning sessions to monitor the quality of the provision and ensure all children are getting the very best Virtual Learning provision.

If you’re not satisfied with the provision in place for your child, please let us know straightaway so we can work together to make things right.

New Staff

Fountaindale has welcomed new staff members to the team. We have three new PCAs: Chelsea Draper, Jacqui Parker and Wendy Walker. They are all looking forward to meeting and working with the children and young people of Fountaindale.

Linda Smith, Assistant Headteacher, has joined the Senior Leadership Team and will be the class teacher for pupils in class 6. Linda is a highly experienced teacher. She brings a wealth of skills and experience to Fountaindale that support our efforts to continually improve the provision your child receives.

Coffee Morning

‪On Friday 15th January from 10am to 11am we will be holding our second virtual coffee morning. The last was a great success. Parents shared their ideas and experiences with our careers leads and Senior Leaders. Our new Assistant Headteacher, Linda, will be joining Julie Bullock at the coffee morning to share ideas and discuss how we can support our children to develop their phonics skills. If you would like to attend the coffee morning just send me an email:


Parent Partnership Plan

As you know ,each month, we share a recipe with you to try at home with your child (time permitting). Thank you to everyone who has sent in photos and comments. We really appreciate these. As we are now in January, Burns Night is approaching. Burns Night is a traditional  Scottish event to celebrate the life and works of the poet and writer Robert Burns. We are therefore sharing a Scottish Shortbread Recipe with you. Just click on the link below


As always please share any photos and comments for our website gallery.


We would also like you to share with us photos or pictures of your resolutions for 2021. My resolution is to make a small change each month that can make a difference to our planet. This month’s change is to recycle more and I have cleared out my wardrobe and sent the items to a charity.

Out of Hours Contact

If you need to contact us outside of school hours we have a new phone number:

Text or leave a message on:


Alternatively you can email:




Kind regards

Donna, Jan, Linda & Anita

School Opening and Testing Information

School Opening And Testing Information

Return to School Update – 28.12.2020

We hope you have all enjoyed a happy and healthy Christmas.

You will be aware from various news reports that discussions around the opening of schools and the plans for Covid testing of Secondary age pupils and all school staff are taking place. We are currently awaiting further advice from the Department of Education on this initiative.

Please be aware, it is highly likely school will not be open to pupils on Monday 4th January, this applies to all age groups. This will allow all staff to access the necessary training and prepare safe areas for administering the test. Please be assured tests will only be completed with consent and forms will be sent out before testing begins.

We will be in touch to confirm arrangements as soon as we have more information.

Kind regards

Donna, Jan and Anita

Holiday Contact Information – 16.12.2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have just waved goodbye to the last departing bus and its precious cargo for this year. This Christmas and throughout the challenges of Covid we have received so many wonderful messages of thanks and support from so many of you. Each one of these is very much appreciated.

We are sending your children home hyper excited after Christmas dinner, parties and a visit from the big man himself (Father Christmas not Boris Johnson).

Have a relaxing evening with your super excited young person!

On a serious note, if at any point during the holiday period your young person tests positive for Covid please inform us immediately.  This will enable us to inform all members of your young person’s bubble to alert them and hopefully prevent the spread.

We can be contacted by:




Alternatively, you can text or leave a message on:


Messages will be checked daily.

Please do not phone school to leave a message as school phone messages will not be checked until we return in January.

Finally, regardless of the challenges we all face, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and look forward to a new (and improved) year 2021.

Best Wishes

Donna, Jan & Anita


The final 3 days of Autumn Term 2020 – 11.12.2020

Dear Parents & Carers

The excitement of Christmas is building in school. We are looking forward to enjoying the last three school days of 2020 and have fabulous plans to end this challenging year happily and joyously. Although the staff will be completely exhausted by Wednesday evening.

Monday will be a surprise outdoor activity for everyone. Warm and waterproof clothing will be required. One way or another there will be snow and glitter.

Tuesday we will chill out and enjoy a relaxed learning day, with cake eating, festive games and leisurely walks on the curriculum. Pyjamas and leisure wear are encouraged. Teachers will share more information with you about their class activities on this day.

Wednesday is Christmas dinner and celebrations, in Bubbles. It would be lovely to see children and young people wearing their party clothes, Christmas jumpers, dressing up clothes or whatever they feel comfortable in.

We have been in touch with Boris Johnson and can confirm Father Christmas is a designated key worker so is allowed to travel here for work purposes. A Father Christmas risk assessment is being finalised in negotiation with the North Pole Workshop Elf and Safety team.

Today your child will be bringing home items to make baubles for your tree. Please enjoy the glue and glitter experience.

We will be in touch again on Wednesday to provide all the contact information you may need during the holidays.

Kind regards

Donna, Jan & Anita

Christmas Performances and On-line Safety – 01.12.2020

Dear Parents & Carers

This year our Christmas performances will be broadcast to you using Microsoft Teams. We would advise you make yourself comfy in your favourite chair, with a cup of tea or coffee and a nice mince pie (other festive treats are acceptable).

Please do not film the performance or take screen shots.  I know that none of our parents or carers would intentionally put our pupils at risk but sharing images on social media would make them highly vulnerable.

Please help to keep all of our children and young people safe and respect the wishes of those that do not want their photos or images shared publicly, whether that be a personal preference or known risk factors.

We understand you want to be able to save these precious events and memories. Staff are taking lots of photos and you will receive copies of your child in costume.

When you log on to Microsoft Teams please mute you microphone. This prevents unplanned sound effects from your home interrupting the performance.

Many thanks for your support to keep all of our pupils safe.

Merry Christmas.

Donna, Jan & Anita

December Bulletin – 01.12.2020

December Bulletin

School Opening – 29.10.2020

You will be aware, following recent Government advice, the whole of Nottinghamshire will be moving to Tier 3 from tomorrow. We would like to reassure you that Fountaindale School will be open as usual on Monday 2nd November.

We appreciate this is a very worrying time for everyone but we are continuing to follow all local and national guidance to ensure our school is Covid secure and as safe as possible for your child.

To help us to keep everyone safe, please contact us immediately if you, your child or someone in your household test positive or you are advised to self isolate by the NHS.

You can contact us using any of the following methods:




Text or voice mail:


If there are any changes to guidance on the opening of schools, we will contact you with further information.

16.10.2020 – Half Term Holidays

We cannot believe we have completed the first half of our Autumn term. Our pupils have been amazing and adapted to the many changes we have put in place to make Fountaindale a Covid secure learning environment. We are extremely proud of all our pupils.

The Leadership team will be continuing to keep up-to-date with guidelines and make any adjustments we need to make during the half term break.

If you need to contact us please email:



text or leave a message on:


On behalf of all the Fountaindale team we would like to say thank you for the support we receive from the families of all our pupils.

Have a wonderful holiday. Now is the time to recharge those batteries.


Donna, Jan & Anita

08.10.2020 – Lockdown Contingency Plan

At this time, we are doing everything we can to keep children safe and support their attendance at school. However, we feel it is important to have a plan in place if a national or local lockdown is applied.

In event of a lockdown, which would prevent some or all pupils attending, we would take the following actions:

  • A Parent Mail and text message would be sent to all parents and carers to advise that school is closed.
  • Teachers would phone parents and carers during the school day to discuss plans for their child’s learning at home.
  • Resources, activities and curriculum (Blended Curriculum) would be made available on the school website.
  • If possible, staff would make weekly home visits
  • We would keep you up-dated as guidelines changed and restrictions lifted
  • We would inform you if we become aware that your child had been in contact with a confirmed case in the 14 day period prior to lockdown

Parents and Carers

To support home learning please:

  • Access your child’s class page on the school website
  • Support your child to complete the tasks and activities set by the class teacher
  • Email your child’s teacher regular up-dates and photos (these may be published on the class website page, if you are happy for us to do so)
  • Discuss with your child’s teacher any support or resources you need to help your child access learning
  • Contact us if you are struggling in any way or feel your child’s wellbeing is at risk
  • Contact us if your child tests positive for Covid 19
  • Keep in touch

Useful Contacts

111 for NHS information and advice about symptoms


119 to book a test

01623 792671 Fountaindale School

07572263495 to text or leave a message for school, outside of school hours




24.09.2020 – Message from Interim Executive Headteacher

Message From Interim Executive Headteacher 24.09.2020

22.09.2020 – Residential Proposal

The County Council’s Children and Young People’s Committee agreed on Monday 21 September to consult on the proposal to close Fountaindale Special School’s residential unit.  The consultation will take place between Tuesday 22 September and Tuesday 3 November 2020.

Click here for more details

17.09.2020 – TikTok

We have been made aware that automatic links to video of a suicide are being triggered by some YouTube and TikTok programmes. These scenes are very traumatic. The links activate automatically at any point during viewing of other innocent content.