All pupils at Fountaindale School have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Pupil places are allocated through the ICDS team at Nottinghamshire County Council. If a request for a place is to be made, contact with the ICDS team must be made.

Visits to the school by prospective students are welcome, however, please be aware that to book a visit your child must either have an EHCP or be in the final stages of the process.  Please contact the school office to book a visit.

Prior to admission:

• Tour of the school by parents and child.

• School to contact parents and current placement, if applicable, to arrange a visit.

• A pre-admission meeting is arranged with parents and other professionals.

Transitions Programme:

• Individual transition meeting with parents and school

• Tailored to each individual child as some pupils will require a longer transition than others.

• Transitions will always be arranged with the parents and consider advice from other professionals.

• Transitions visits will be supported by staff from the current placement, where applicable.

Within eight weeks of entry:

• An assessment of the child will be completed.

• Pupil interim targets for the year ahead will be set (in line with their EHCP).

• A post-admission meeting will be arranged with the class teacher and parents.

Click here to be taken to the Nottinghamshire County Council website where you should find all the necessary information about admissions to schools.