Class 8

Welcome to Class 8

Hello and welcome to the Class 8 page!

My name is Steph and I am the class teacher, our class curriculum TA is Sam, and we also have Tara working with us every day. It has been great to meet, and to start getting to know those children who are already back in school. I look forward to getting to know all of the children, and you their families, better over the coming weeks, through working with the children in class, ‘Teacher Time’ home learning session, and of course through emails and phone calls home. Whether your child is learning at home or in school at this time please do stay in touch with us and send us lots of photos, as we love to see them and hear about how you are all doing.

The whole school theme this term is Journeys. Our shared story ‘The Train Ride’ is linked to this theme. The story begins in the town and our play at the start of the term is themed around this. As the story goes on, the train travels through the countryside past a farm and onto the seaside. In the later weeks of the term our play will be themed around the farm and seaside. We will be having lots of fun exploring different toys and sensory experiences linked to these different environments. During the first 2 weeks of the term, the children will also help to make some of the resources and props for use in the sensory version of our story.

Whenever it is possible we will try to make use of the great outside environment here at school. We might also sometimes get messy during our learning and play. Please try to ensure that your child always has both warm clothes, and a change of clothes with them. Thank you.

If you need to contact us about anything please feel able to email either Steph or Sam, we always enjoy hearing from you.


Spring Term 2021

Here are links to some online resources that we are enjoying using in class. You might like to try using them at home, either to support your child’s home learning, or when talking to your child about what they have been doing at school.


Hi everyone,

We wanted to share some of the fun that we have had in Class 8 over the last couple of weeks. In our Class there is always time for a story. ‘Giving’ by Shirley Hughes is a very popular choice and it is lovely to experience the children happily sharing this story together with an adult.

During our shared story we’ve been ….

“Into the tunnel, Scary and black – What shall I see, What shall I see?

My face in a mirror, Staring back, That’s what I see, That’s what I see.”

In our play times we have also enjoyed exploring sand and water, as we learnt more about the seaside destination of our ‘Train Ride’. We look forward to exploring our Shared story more when we return in the new half term.

The children have also had great fun exploring and using the switch to activate the disco ball light effect. Only one of the available switches was actually working, and some children were able to work out which one this was. We were also pleased to explore mark making on the interactive white board as part of our work in ICT.

We have continued to enjoy ‘Teacher Time’ sessions alongside our home learners … the mark making in hair gel was a particular favourite during this time! We also started to explore melting chocolate during our food technology lesson … I think everyone is looking forward to checking out what we can remember when making something different after the holiday.

Then of course there was the excitement of more snow! It was great to get out and explore the snow covered playground … it was very cold, but lots of fun! Do you think that we have now seen enough snow for this year, or are you hoping for some more?

Wishing you all a good half term holiday, get out and about for walks if you can!


What fun we have had together in Class 8 over the last couple of weeks!

There has been lots of art and craft activities as we have worked together to create a hot air balloon and farmyard scene to represent different parts of ‘The Train Ride’ story in the classroom.

We have continued enjoying sharing the story together, and we hope to bring you more photos of the fun we have had with that in the coming weeks.

We have had lots of straw in class this week, as we have spent our time on the farm. The children enjoyed hunting for the farm animals under the straw, and we even added it to our phonics tray as well! Next week our destination is the seaside, so have your sand and water to hand, and enjoy exploring that if you are learning from home at the moment!

We have also had fun exploring and playing with instruments as part of our music, and we all really enjoyed the chance to get outside and explore the playground and play equipment.

Following our assembly today when we were thinking about the RSPB Big Garden / School Bird Watch, you might like to have a go at making one of these bird feeders with your child at home.

As you can see we had fun trying them out in class! We’d love to see photos of any you make at home … especially if the birds come to feed on them!

What a busy start we have had to the Spring Term! The children have all enjoyed exploring and playing with vehicles and bricks as we have thought about being in the town at the start of our Train Ride story. There has been lots of fun rolling cars across the floor, on the tables and down a ramp!

Our Phonic tray has been full of shredded paper, hiding objects beginning with S. Again the children have all enjoyed hunting through the paper to find and explore these whilst listening to the Jolly Phonics song, ‘The Snake is in the Grass’, recorded on a Big Mac switch.

It has been fun to join with the children from our bubble via Teams, who are learning from home at this time. We have loved seeing them during some of our Teacher Time sessions this week.

The snow of course brought added, unexpected fun to the end of the week, in Class 8 we brought the outdoors inside and added the snow to our exploration and play in the classroom on Friday morning.

Autumn Term 2020

This week we have been incorporating the story into different subjects. We have done lots of counting of fruit and some design technology by cooking the different food items in the story. We are adapting our learning environment by making tactile and sensory elements of the story.

Class 8 Timetable

Monday Register, morning song

and Sensory Story

Snack time Nature trail walk Lunchtime Social communication Parachute games
Tuesday Register, morning song

and Sensory Story

Snack time Mark making activities, sensory and tactile activities Lunchtime Nature trail walk Outside games
Wednesday Register, morning song

and Sensory Story

Snack time Mark making activities, sensory and tactile activities Lunchtime Social communication Nature trail walk
Thursday Nature trail walk Snack time PE in the hall Lunchtime Social communication Parachute games
Friday Register, morning song

and Sensory Story

Snack time Nature trail walk

Cooking session in Food tech room

Lunchtime Social communication Outside games

October 2020

We have been outside exploring the forest trail for branches and pine cones to use in our mark making and painting sessions. We had great fun whacking her paper with paint!

We have used musical instruments, learning how they make their sound and having fun playing along to our favourite tunes.

We make time to read every day, individually and in a group. We are looking at page turning skills and looking at the pictures when the children read with an adult.

Nov 2020

We have had a busy week enjoying the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, both in class and outside in the woodland trail. We have made a beautiful painted drape to be our butterfly as we hear the final song, I want to break free by Queen.

We made rockets and firework pictures using glitter and glue, which was lots of fun. We have used our cookery room time to make smoothies, using a switch to operate the blender.

We also had a Remembrance day assembly with another class through Teams, so we looked at poppies we have made and heard a soldier playing the last post.

We have learned about the music and lights of Divali by hearing the music and playing our big drum with a disco ball playing through it. We have used it for quiet times and to relax after a busy morning.

We have also been exploring a giant tube glockenspiel which it fun to play with our friends. There have been lots of happy moments with our frinds in the last few weeks, as our pictures show.

Well what a busy few weeks we have had. Christmas arrived early this year at Fountaindale. We have been busy preparing for our Christmas production, it’s been very different from previous years. One take and it is usually done. The children were amazing throughout and we hope you will enjoy our performance.

This week started with a sleigh crashing into our playground, looking for Santa’s reindeers and lots of damaged presents. We found a Christmas tree on our doorstep with a message from Santa. We have enjoyed exploring and decorating the tree.


Wow what a busy couple of weeks in Class 8.

We all took part in the whole bake off and worked together to make some lovely buns.

We all enjoyed the novelty of pyjama day, we explored bubbly water and different oils. Some students preferred to experience mark making with shaving foam on the mats.

In preparation for our splendid Christmas lunch, in true Class 8 style we made our own table cloth and placemats.

We look forward to seeing everyone back in the new year, when we will welcome our new teacher Steph.

We hope everyone has a healthy and happy Christmas.