Class 9

Welcome to Class 9

Welcome to Class 9. My name is Sarah and I am the teacher in this class. I have a fantastic team working with me. The team members are:
Ashleigh – Curriculum Teaching Assistant
Stacey, Lesley and Jenny – Wellbeing Teaching Assistants
Rebecca (Betty) and Chelsea – PCA’s

We begin each day with a registration activity, students look in the mirror, find their photograph and name cards and put them on the board. We then do some number work, we count how many students are in class and find the corresponding number card.

Every day we have a focussed lesson where we all work together. I have included a timetable below so that you can see what your child will be doing each day. We also have Exploration and Play lessons which are linked to subjects, for example on Monday playing has a music theme.

We love to take our learning outdoors. We give the students in class 9 lots of opportunity to play and explore outside the class room. We also go out for a daily walk around the nature trail. This term we are also taking our shared story lesson outside as we go for a ‘Bear Hunt’ in Fountaindale’s woodland. With this in mind we would really appreciate it if you could ensure that your child has clothing that is suitable for the weather.

Morning Afternoon
Monday Shared story PE
Tuesday Art Working together group
Wednesday RE and History – Bubble Assembly Maths Games
Thursday Geography Science
Friday Maths and Music- Song time Star Assembly

Update 07.01.2021

First of all we would like to start with wishing you all a Happy New Year!
This isn’t how we had planned to start the first week of term – going into a full national lockdown and being in limbo of are we open or are we closed?
I think it goes without saying that our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) have been working extremely hard behind the scene’s to ensure a safe return so some of our students and staff can return next week. We would like to say a big Thank you from everyone in Class 9 and we look forward to welcoming some of our students back on Monday 7th.
Parent’s please keep checking your emails for update’s as guidance has been changing so much and sometimes by the hour.

This week we are learning remotely. Our class team have been busy behind the scenes creating home educational packs that were delivered on Tuesday. The packs are full of messy play ideas to support mark making and laminated initials to trace with your finger. A library book – Giraffes can’t dance. Along with many other resources to support home learning.
Sarah has emailed parents with learning objectives taken from the planning from the bottom of the page Spring 1 term 1. Please can you send Sarah or Ashleigh any photograph’s and an email update of your learning at home – we would love to see. 

Please keep as safe as you can, Sarah and Ashleigh are always available via email should you require any further support or guidance.

Update 18.12.2020

We have had a very busy couple weeks celebrating Christmas in Class 9.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
School restarts Monday 4th January 2021. Please check parent mail regularly.

Stay safe and have lots of fun.

Update 01.12.2020

Wow! What a busy couple of weeks we have had in Class 9. We’ve been that busy we haven’t updated our website page for a couple of week, we are really sorry.

This is a little insight into what we have been up to:

We have looked at light and dark using the UV light and glow in the dark objects. We turned all the lights off in class, pulled the blinds down and shone the UV lamp over the box filled with shredded paper to see what we could find.

Our version of Harry Potter is a hit, we take it in turns to find platform 9 ¾ and run through it as fast as we can holding onto our suitcase and owl. When we get to Hogwarts we have to be sorted into houses by the sorting hat and visit “The Shop that must not be name” to get our wand. Then it’s time for our first lesson – Spells.

Following on with the Harry Potter theme we have made dragon eggs! We followed a fool proof salt dough recipe off the internet –let’s just say we don’t think we followed the recipe properly. They turned out more like bath bombs.

Monday 21st November Christmas officially hit Class 9. Out came the cardboard boxes to make our Christmas tree display in Hogwarts, lots and lots of glitter and glue!

We have made a snowstorm on the window and made paper snowflakes to hang from the ceiling, hung our pop up tree and decorated with lights it looks so magical.

On tellytubbie hill all the classes have chosen a tree to decorate. We have chosen two (after all we are two classes) bent them over into an arch and spread some Christmas cheer. Outside our classroom we have decorated the fence pushing and pulling the lights through the fence, choosing baubles to hang and singing Christmas songs. Thank you so much for the Christmas decorations donations, we really appreciate them.

This week Santa’s sleigh has crashed into the courtyard, presents are everywhere! We have been out to see what has happened and had a snowball fight with our bubble friends.

We have made our own Christmas cake this week, it smelt amazing when it was cooking. We are hoping to decorate it within the next couple of days.

Update 06.11.2020

What a magical week we’ve had, Welcoming our students back after half term.
We have been busy painting our Hogwarts castle and making stained glass windows using UV paint and glitter.

We have decorated our wands with paint, glitter and ribbon ready for our story
In Maths we are focusing on token exchange. We have changed the words to “Currant buns in a bakers shop” to fit with our theme. Each students takes a turn to purchase an item from “The shop that must not be named”.

Our phonic of the fortnight is ‘a’, we are exploring things that have ‘a’ as the initial letter. This week we’ve had apples, ants, avocados and a picture of Ashleigh in the play tray.

We have enjoyed having a crisp Autumn walks, watching the leaves changing colour, kicking the leaves and throwing them up in the air, We have got some beautiful photos.

Update 02.11.20

Welcome back to Class 9 or should I say Classroom 9 3/4 ?
Our classroom took a 60 minute makeover in the holidays “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” has been packed away for another day as we’ve been transformed into Hogwarts.

Update to follow on Friday

Autumn 2 Week 1 planning available at the bottom of this page.
Stay safe.

Update 23.10.20

Hope you are all enjoying your half term and are keeping safe.
We have received a Thank you letter from the Beacon Project for all of your generous Harvest donations.

Thank you so much once again for all your donations,
Enjoy the rest of your half term.
See you soon

Thank you letter.

Update 09.10.2020

We have elected our School Council representatives this week. Well done to Sophie and Charlotte who are this years Class 9 representatives.
We have been lucky with the weather as we have continued our learning outdoors.
In our play trays we are focusing on mark making the letter S. We have had semolina, sand, shaving foam and soil with objects beginning with S.
In Cooking we have made a Chocolate rice crispy cake-  This was a massive hit! Who doesn’t love Chocolate?
We felt the rice crispy’s and explored the different sounds we can make. Shaking the box, pouring them out into a bowl, crunching them into our hands and stirring them.
This week focusing on Harvest we have made a Vegetable soup. Counting the vegetables and smelling herbs the students made a Rosemary and Garlic Butternut squash, carrot and onion soup.
It smelt amazing!

Thank you so much for all the Harvest donations you have sent in. We are blown away by your kindness and generosity, our chosen charity is The Beacon Project

Update 24.09.2020

We have welcomed back two more of our students who have not been in school since pre lockdown. It’s been magical to see our student’s friendships rekindle after almost 7months apart!

I can’t believe how much our students in Class 9 have achieved over the last two weeks.
This is just a snippet of what we have been doing:

  • Art themed Exploration and play sessions – We have been busy transforming our classroom into our shared story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. We’ve had a group painting session to create a large woodland mural for the deep dark forest, using paint and shaving foam.
    Small groups working on the swirling whirling snowstorm hanging mobile making snowflakes and snow. Tying strands of material to a rope for Swishy swashy grass.
  • Maths- Number recognition. Focusing on numbers 1-3.
    We have been really creative and made our own “Bear Hunt” song.
  • Reading – Shared story “Going on a Bear Hunt”
    Taking our learning outdoors we are incorporating our shared story when walking on the nature trail. It really sets the scene when we walk through the “deep dark forest” and finding the Bear in a “narrow gloomy cave”.
  • P.E- With the weather being nice we have taken advantage of using the MUGA. We are focusing on recognising familiar pieces of equipment; we have been rolling and throwing balls of different weights and sizes. Playing team games of football and skittles incorporating Maths and turn taking.
  • Exploration and Play – We have taken our indoor learning environment outdoors. Encouraging our students to use their sense’s and explore the play trays filled with cornflour, thick oozy mud and water.
  • Class 9 access the food technology room on Thursday morning. Incorporating Maths and Science, weighing measuring counting.  We have made apple crumble using the switch activated blender. Vanilla cheesecake, bashing the biscuits with the rolling pin, taking turns to use the whisk.
    The best part is getting to taste the finish product. This week is Chocolate trifle.

With the weather beginning to change please can you send your child with the appropriate clothing eg Waterproof coat, poncho, wellies etc as we will still be accessing the outdoor area in all weathers – When safe to do so.

Class Update 14.09.2020

We have all had a fantastic first week back at Fountaindale and are settling well into our new routines. This term we are hoping to spend lots of time outside, and this week have made the most of the lovely weather by taking our books and toys out on to the grass outside of our class to play. We have also used the woodland nature trail for our daily walk.

Our class story this term is ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’. It is an old favourite and has been chosen by the students. Our class is currently being transformed into a forest, and during our walks we are collecting items to bring the outside in!