Class 6

Welcome to Class 6

Our teachers are Roanne (Mon-Weds) and Leonnie (Weds-Fri) and our team includes Joanne, Zara, Christine, Nadine, Chantelle and Lesley. We love music and singing in our class! We are all good friends and are enjoying learning about our emotions through the Colour Monster.

Class Update

This week we have been keeping busy practicing our writing skills with our names. Exercising our phonics knowledge in our writing. We have looked closely at the emotion sadness this week, with some lovely circle time discussion around what makes us sad and how it is an important emotion to express.

In English we have been typing definitions of the emotion sadness as well as using a thesaurus to discover synonyms for sad.

We have looked at different types of weather in Geography, naming our favourite and least favourite!

In Maths we have been working hard on recognising different amounts represented in different ways. As well as matching the amounts and numerals to their written word.

Phew a week of hard work!