Class 4

Curriculum update

This term our History theme will carry on with the ‘at sea’ focus from last term as we look at Pirates! Here we will be turning our classroom into a desert island and pirates at sea environment. As well as singing and signing water based songs and songs about pirates we will also be going on sensory boat journeys as we dress like pirates and hunt for treasure! Through sensory play in sand and water we will   steal Treasure and look at the concept of our own property and things that belong to other people. We will use maps of the outside area and in and around school to both hide and find treasure as we will also identify our own treasure and what is important to us! We will look at body parts as we have fun with pirate hats on our heads, hooks on our hands, eye patches and wooden legs shiver me timbers! The children will also identify and create a number of sea creatures that will be in and around the classroom. The children will observe the seasonal changes in our local environment as we move into Spring, we will also celebrate Easter and the Easter story alongside this. Through sensory exploration of color, the Children will also learn about and celebrate the spring festival of Holi, the festival of colors!

Half Term!

What a busy half term we have had in room 4. As well as going under the sea and identifying the different colors in the Rainbow fish, we have celebrated Chinese New Year and had lots of fun in the snow! The children are certainly ready for a break. Have a lovely half term and we look forward to welcoming the children back to do it all again!

Welcome to Class 4!

My name is Stuart Garner and I’m the class teacher. We’ve had a few changes to staff in the Spring term.

In our Class the children are supported by Mandy, Sue (Monday-Wednesday), Jackie (Wednesday to Friday), Wendy, Joanne (Jo) and Chris

Room 4 planning

Our curriculum theme this half term is Geography where we will be exploring under the sea. We will look at the story of The Rainbow Fish. We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year at the end of January.

Room 4 Spring Planning

What a busy start to the term we have had in room 4! As we have went under the sea with the rainbow fish the children have produced some lovely sensory blue paintings for our learning environment. We have explored sand in our play and have been playing with fish in the immersive room as we look at the fish projections on the floor and on the wall. We have been fishing, caught lots of different colored fish as we have started to sort them by their color! We have enjoyed singing and signing lots of songs about the sea and in-between we have very much enjoyed playing in the snow!

Blended learning/extended home learning Opportunities

Below are some links to some home learning activities to support the children’s learning. These links, as well as some activities for each subject, can also be found on the planning update week beginning 25/1/2021. Home learning packs go out weekly to our 2 home leaners, some of these links will support this.

For a sensory range or cross curricular leaning opportunities the sensory project has some excellent resources;

A general range of activities, subjects and ages, BBC bitesize has some very good resources as a starting point as well;



There are some very good singing and signing videos below:



Read the story The Rainbow fish sent out in Home learning packs.

A link to the story can be found:

Each week a sensory story with props and activities will go out with home learning packs.



Below are some useful interactive links:

Counting songs:

Tablet friends math’s games:


Understanding the World


There are some very useful outdoor forestry activities from forest yoga to mindfulness and wellbeing in the trees:

There are some good Geography links here:



Below is a link to some seated wheelchair adapted Yoga:



Can the children be encouraged to take part and listen to songs that require movement, such as Heads shoulders knees and toes, If You’re happy and you know it etc. BBC Teach have an action song medley that is really useful for this. Encourage the children to move to the songs.



Wheelchair stretches

Get some disability sport ideas at Parasport:

Free sign up to Virtual sports sessions :



A Website to encourage switching SENict switching:

SENICT Members Resource Portal






Room 4 planning (week beginning 25/1/21)

Extended home learning opportunities and blended learning opportunities can be found for each subject.

Room 4 Spring Planning Wk 4 5


Class Update 14.10.2020

We have turned our classroom into a farm this term.  As well as growing vegetables, we have made marks in the soil and made soup from our produce.  We have identified a range of farmyard animals as we have brought them to life in the classroom.  We have tried to take as much of our learning outside as possible as we have all enjoyed the open spaces after coming back to school.


Class 4 update.

What a busy start to the term we have had in room 4! We now have room 3 set up as our ‘nursery rhyme land’ where the children have been exploring and learning through play! Our literacy theme is nursery rhymes which the children are really enjoying singing and signing a variety of songs as well as exploring the toys and play opportunities that go with these! We started the term celebrating bonfire night with lots of sensory firework explosions both in and out of class as we made a sensory fire in class and had a real fire outside (from a safe distance). We have also enjoyed celebrating Diwali as we retold the story of Rama and Sita. Here we enjoyed tasting, smelling and making Indian foods and made lots of Rangoli patterns as well as setting off lanterns to celebrate! We are now very much looking forward to the Christmas celebrations!