Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!

My name is Stuart Garner and I’m the class teacher.

In our Class the children are supported by Mandy, Sue, Diane, Maureen (Mo) and Joanne (Jo)!

This term we are looking at the changes on the farm in our classroom. We are looking at how our feelings change, just like colours. Here is a picture of our very own Colour Monster!!


Class Update 14.10.2020

We have turned our classroom into a farm this term.  As well as growing vegetables, we have made marks in the soil and made soup from our produce.  We have identified a range of farmyard animals as we have brought them to life in the classroom.  We have tried to take as much of our learning outside as possible as we have all enjoyed the open spaces after coming back to school.


Class 4 update.

What a busy start to the term we have had in room 4! We now have room 3 set up as our ‘nursery rhyme land’ where the children have been exploring and learning through play! Our literacy theme is nursery rhymes which the children are really enjoying singing and signing a variety of songs as well as exploring the toys and play opportunities that go with these! We started the term celebrating bonfire night with lots of sensory firework explosions both in and out of class as we made a sensory fire in class and had a real fire outside (from a safe distance). We have also enjoyed celebrating Diwali as we retold the story of Rama and Sita. Here we enjoyed tasting, smelling and making Indian foods and made lots of Rangoli patterns as well as setting off lanterns to celebrate! We are now very much looking forward to the Christmas celebrations!