Class 2

Welcome to Class 2

Welcome to the new term here at Fountaindale. We are excited to share all the wonderful learning we are doing in Class 2. We have a lovely team here in the room and they are already getting to know all the children and how brilliant they all are. Their names are Michelle, Debs, Cheryl, Sarah, Hazel and Kim.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Phillip (Class 2 Teacher)

We have had a wonderful first full week learning all about our new friends in Class Two. For some of us, this is the first time being in school. The new children have made a super start to the school year. Everyone has settled back into school really well. We have had lots of social communication time, learning through play and experiencing our class story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. What do you think of the butterfly we have been decorating? Exploring our outdoor area and the woods that surround our school has been very important to us, as it has given sense of space and freedom.  We have also been reading ‘The Colour Monster’ and exploring happy and sad feelings. We hope you enjoy a few pictures of our first week!

Update 25.09.2020

We have had lots of wonderful learning opportunities in the last couple of weeks. Through our topic ‘Changes’, we have been smelling, feeling and tasting the fruits of our story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We have also been painting our very own Colour Monsters bright colours and shining UV lights on them. It has been lovely to see the children interacting with each other and making friends.

We have been enjoying our working together sessions with the OTs and Physios. It’s been great to see all the children getting a good stretch and working on their physical targets, all whilst having lots of fun!

Getting outside in the forest around our school has been very important to us. It has given us a sense of space and we have enjoyed seeing the children experience nature; listening to the wind through the trees and the crunch of the leaves.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our PE sessions in the hall. Not only is it another area of the school for the children to experiences, but it has given us the space to get out the parachute and the skittles and have lots of laughs.

Here are some pictures below of our experiences:

Update 09.10.2020

Hi everyone, Class 2 have had another busy two weeks working really hard. We have been exploring different fruits associated with our story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We extended our learning by visiting the food technology room to stew our fruits. We washed, stirred, tasted and even washed our pots afterwards.

The weather has been lovely, so we have took the opportunity to go out into our school grounds looking for interesting things to bring back into our classroom. We found some lovely leaves and pine cones which we used to hide all our lovely tactile pumpkins. Then we had to find them. We also explored our new outdoor play equipment, we loved having a turn on the roundabout and then watching our friends have a go too.

This week we have  elected our class representatives for the school council, Eli and Piper were chosen. It was a really close race.  We look forward to keeping you posted on their important role and their participation in the school council meetings.

Class 2 would like to say a big thank you for all your kind donations sent into school for our chosen charity, helping our furry cat and dog friends.

Everyone in class would like to wish you a happy and safe two weeks off and we look forward to seeing you all and continuing our learning next term.

Charity Hamper

On Saturday, Cheryl very kindly delivered all your wonderful donations to RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire. Here are a few pictures of Snoop and Beau enjoying your donations. For more information about the work of the RSPCA please visit

Update 06.11.2020

Hello and welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term! This week we have been looking at bonfires and fireworks. On Thursday, we had a big messy play session where we made a beautiful fireworks picture. We also used a big drum to create the bangs of fireworks. We had a great time getting messy. Enjoy the photos below.

Update 20.11.2020

Hello everyone.

As usual, we’ve had an action packed two weeks, doing lots of brilliant learning and having lots of fun too.

We had a very special morning experiencing all the wonderful sensory stimuli associated with the festival of Diwali.  We listened and moved to Bhangra music, wore a bindi on our foreheads, we counted the candles in their diva pots and smelt and tasted lots of different foods and spices.

We had a really fun time celebrating ‘Children in Need’ day. We painted our Pudsey bears, played a guess the secret spot on Pudsey and went around our school grounds on a Pudsey Hunt.  We found lots of Pudsey bears.  Thank you all for your kind donations which made the day very successful.

We have completed our Hungry Caterpillar story and we are looking  forward to starting our new book next week.

We have also been working on our communication using pictures to make choices during our morning break.

A big thank you to Jasmine’s family for sharing some lovely photos of her making a cake.

We hope you enjoy looking at our lovely collection of photographs from everybody in Class 2.

Update 04.12.2020

Hello everyone,

Well the Christmas festivities have begun in Class 2 and we’ve been so busy as usual.  We have been creating our wintery display, collecting sticks and lovely pieces of foliage from the fir tree to paint, along with using our hand prints to make our own fir tree.

We were given the task of decorating our chosen bush on Telly Tubby hill, we decided on sharing our Christmas display with the wild animals and birds around our school. We made some peanut butter and seed pine cones and hung them amongst our baubles and tinsel. It looked so lovely and inviting.  One week later it doesn’t quite have the same look, having been well received by our fur and feathered friends.  However, we were pleased that it has been gratefully received.

We continued being creative by making our outside area look all wintery and finished off decorating our class Christmas tree.  Our room looks so lovely.

On Tuesday on our morning walk, we discovered that Santa’s sleigh had crashed on our playground!  Santa and the reindeer were nowhere to be seen. The children decided to make missing posters so we can help find them ready for Christmas.

Our school performance is almost upon us and we have been so busy getting ready to show you all next week.

Christmas Update

Here are a few pictures from the Christmas dinner. We were also visited from a special person who gave the children a present. Merry Christmas everyone!

Week Ending the 8th of January 2021

Hello everyone,

Class 2 staff have been in school making sure everything is up and ready for the pupils return on Monday.

For pupils that are not returning on Monday we are ensuring that we have got resource packs ready for their home learning. The link below will take you to the resources page for the Sensory Project. From there you can find loads of resources for home learning. There are links to live lessons, as well as websites.

Phillip the teacher will be available to discuss your  child’s needs.

We have had some staff changes over the Christmas period and would like to welcome Lorna and Janet to the team.

Hope you are all staying safe and looking forward to the new term. The topic for the next half term is Geography.  We will be exploring through the character Stick Man.

Have a lovely weekend from everyone in Class 2.