Class 10

Welcome to Class 10

Welcome to the start of a new school year!

My name is Mrs Arvela, I am Class 10 Teacher working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I will be working closely with Lorraine who will be leading the class Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings. Our fantastic team of TAs supporting learning and wellbeing in Class 10 throughout the week are: Janet, Rosy, Louise and Jenny.

Class Update 11.09.2020

This term our theme is Change.

We will be using our theme as a focus in our PSHE/Sex and Relationships Education lessons in particular as we learn about how our bodies and relationships change as we get older and how we manage changes to stay safe.

Our book for the term is the Blood Brothers; a musical which I’m sure the students will enjoy reading and role playing.

As many of our class have spent a lot of time at home during lockdown and Summer holidays we are taking our time to settle in to new routines and give everybody plenty of opportunity to re-connect and express their thoughts and feelings throughout the day.

So far so good with settling back in; it’s been so great to see a full class again and see the enthusiasm and happiness as the pupils catch up with each other and engage in their learning!

This week we have been enjoying doing lots of team building exercises, geocaching, archery and communication games!

Update week beginning 28 September

We started our week doing a lot of maths. We did weights and measures in our food tech and we had to do a bar chart from all the collected data.

In Geography we did our Geocaching. This is where we use GPS tracking system to find hidden treasures. Everyone takes a turn and we make this fun.

We had to choose 2 new school councillors  in our class. They had to do a PowerPoint presentation to say why students should vote for them. If they didn’t want to be on the school council they had to say why they are voting for a candidate. Their PowerPoint presentations were fabulous.

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Week beginning 5th of October.

This week in D.T. we carried on with making bread. This tied in with our Maths as we are doing weights and measures.

In Geography we did Map reading.

1 student went from Mansfield to Mevagissy in Cornwall.

1 student went from Mansfield to Skegness

1 student from Calais in France.

1 student went to a football club in Manchester at Old Trafford.

They had to do this by organizing their routes using the maps, roads, Towns and Cities.

In English we are reading Blood Brothers. the students had to take on the various characters of the book. They were very dramatic, animated and expressive. They were brilliant!

They had to write about their various characters and they could identify how a lifestyle or a change of lifestyle can impact on the various characters lives. 

Friday morning PSD- We discussed how we can keep ourselves safe and happy.

We also discussed how our bodies change from a child to a young adult.

Friday afternoon in Art, we are making poppy sculptures for Remembrance.

Our favorite time of the day  Friday afternoon Yay! We have our Star Assembly. This is the time of day where we can share our achievements with the whole school. We do this via teams. In our class we finish the day off with a class song, This is chosen by our class star of the week.


Week Beginning 12th October

This week in Maths we did weights and measures.

We went on a nature walk to collect items so that we could estimate the weights before we weighed them. With all the data we had collected we made a bar chart to record our findings.

In  science we looked at our bread that we had left for several weeks. The bread was green and smelt awful.

On Tuesday we carried on with our Maths and telling the time.

In R.E. we learnt about Judaism. We looked at the Jewish celebrations and looked at their Religious costumes.

In Geography we had to identify landmarks around the school and write up about where they are and mark them on our school maps.

On Thursday we had English and did more work on our chosen book Blood Brothers.

In History we learned all about Historical events and famous people. Mary Seacole, The Shang dynasty, Henry Ford, Martin Luther King, Queen Elizabeth the first and many more. 1 student could tell us about Neil Armstrong and what year he landed on the moon without any clues.

Friday the last day before we break up for our 2 weeks holidays.

In the morning for a treat, Jan and Anita our SLT treated the whole school to breakfast. We loved it Mmmm! So a big thank you to Jan and Anita.

PSD- We learned about how we can keep ourselves safe and what laws are there to protect us. We discussed who we can trust, and who we can talk to if we need to discuss anything that is worrying us.

In the afternoon we had our star Assembly via teams. This was followed by Frozen 2 the movie.

We had chosen this movie in the morning by a democratic vote.

We enjoyed our Cinema Experience with some treats and a drink.

Have a great holiday to everyone from us all in Class 10.

Week ending 13th November

On Monday Class 10 did a remembrance Quiz, anagrams. We wrote our own poems relating to remembrance and for our assembly on Tuesday.

In the afternoon we played number games as part of our Maths.


On Tuesday we had a mammoth Maths session. Everyone worked hard with their individual learning objectives.

We had a great game of table cricket. Boys versus girls. The boys won the match but the girls are eagerly awaiting a return match.

We finished our poems off and presented them in our assembly. We are so proud of all students for their fabulous work.

On Wednesday we carried on with our English – Blood Brothers. The reading and the singing is bringing our book to life. Everyone changes into the different characters and they are so animated.

In the afternoon we split into 2 groups for our lifelong learning.

1 group went into Ressie. They had to do different chores/ tasks i.e. Clean, sweep up, wash pots and polish. The 2nd group went into food tech. Their task was to make a quick healthy meal. We made a stir fry, the 2 groups got together and tasted the meal. It got a thumb’s up from everyone Mmmm.

Thursday we had to do our spelling test. All our students did very well.

We carried on with our Art doing self portraits and displaying them onto our Art gallery.

In the afternoon we teamed up with Tom from / inspire- able orchestra via teams to continue with our music lesson.

Friday the 13th.

In the morning we did PSD and we talked about how to stay safe. We also talked about Children in Need.

After break we looked at our aspirations, ambitions and life after Fountaindale. We researched various Colleges and what courses are on offer for us to achieve our aspirations and for our adult life.

In the afternoon we had Enterprise. We are gathering ideas to make a book and hopefully get it published.

We finished the day with our star assembly.

Week ending 20th November

this week class 10 have been busy. Maths the focus was multiplying decimals, subtraction and multiplication tables.

In P.E we did balloon volley ball, we had lots of fun. We had 2 teams 1 Squizzles and the other Superstars. Squizzles was the team that won.

English- We did our spellings and had to write a letter to someone, a friend, a politician or anyone of their choice.

Blood Brothers- Similes and metaphors.

We talked about aspirations in lifelong learning and carried on with our independent cooking skills. Also our independent living skills.

In Art we did our self portraits for our star of the week display.

PSD- We talked about relationships and celebrations.

In English we had to write about Blood brothers and words to describe the policeman and how he shows discrimination to the Johnstone family. The focus was grammar and punctuation.

This afternoon in Enterprise/ lifelong learning- The class are doing a powerpoint presentation to Donna our headteacher for equipment to enhance our learning and creative skills- Digital Art.