Class 10

Welcome to Class 10 Spring Term 2021

Class 10 Teachers are:  Hannah Bugden (Mondays and Tuesdays) and Clare Arvela (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays).

We love working in Class 10 and have a fantastic team of TAs working with us throughout the week: Louise– Wellbeing TA and Jen-PCA.

As all our pupils in Class 10 are teenagers age 15+ we like to create an environment that has a 6th form feel about it with as much independence and opportunity to make choices as possible.

Social time after dinner with ‘chill out’, music and film club can be just as important as our formal learning for building social skills and developing relationships; there’s a lovely supportive atmosphere as everyone in Class 10 is pretty sociable!

Each day we begin our learning with individual reading where every pupil reads 1:1 to a member of staff in order to support the foundations of their learning, then we enjoy some yoga stretches to get our bodies and minds focussed and ready for our next learning session of the day.

We have a pretty busy timetable with plenty of opportunities to learn a variety of subjects as we develop our Post 16 curriculum to  provide accreditation options that will be tailored to suit our learner’s strengths and aspirations for the future.

Extended home learning opportunities

Each week we send home via email and or paper copies of work for pupils to complete at home to support the learning they have been doing in class. This is an important element of our pupils’ learning as we aim to work in partnership with parents and carers to support and celebrate pupil achievement and success.

Blended learning opportunities

Pupils that are learning at home can access their learning with us in class with ‘Teacher Time’ each day on Microsoft Teams. This technology provides us with fantastic opportunities to stay connected and maintain the high level of learning we nurture here in Fountaindale. Parents and pupils receive daily invites for their morning and afternoon sessions with the class and can access their ‘Blended Learning’ timetable each week on the links below.

Remote Learning At Fountaindale School

Please have a read of our Remote Learning document for more information and guidance about online learning.

Theme for the Spring Term

Our English text this term is Aesop’s Fables which we will be basing most of our English work around and lends itself well to reflect upon morals and decisions that we may be discussing in Life Long Learning, PSD and RE.

Update 22/02/21

Welcome back to Spring half term 2!

We are looking forward to another fun half term as we head towards Easter. Signs of Spring are well and truly on their way now so we can’t wait to start making the most of our lovely outside learning area and woodland.

Before the half term holiday Class 10 pupils planned a design for our corridor decoration. They worked so well as a team and generated lots of great design ideas. Over the next couple of weeks we will be using our artistic skills along with valuable life long learning skills such as teamwork, debating and negotiating to work together to put our designs into reality on the walls! Watch this space for some photo updates!!

Update 08/02/21

What a great couple of weeks we have had in the lead up to half term!

We have a name for our school newspaper: ‘The Knowledge’; we are now working our socks off to get an edition ready for next half term!

Everyone has been working hard in all subjects with enthusiasm which has been fantastic; it’s been particularly lovely to see how the whole class has embraced our Yoga and Mindfulness sessions each day and in PE. It has become a highlight of the day for us all to relax, focus and energise!

Our positive affirmation over the last couple of weeks has been:

‘I can do anything I put my mind to’

Update 22/01/21

It’s been a busy start to the Spring term with ‘New’ being a key word with all the new things we are adjusting to. We have a new classroom door and outside learning area, COVID weekly self testing is now up and running, ‘Teacher Time’ online lessons with pupils learning from home has started, ‘New Life’ as we see daffodils emerging on our woodland walks and a bit of snow thrown in for some extra excitement!

Watch this space for our new school newspaper initiative which we’ll be starting this term and are all very excited about; name and first edition to follow.

All good news stories welcomed by our Class 10 news team!

Class 10 Gallery

This week we had a fabulous chill day. We could dress in our PJ’s, onesies or something comfortable the choice was ours.