Class 1


We have had an exciting start to our year so far and are so proud of the achievements of all of our learners. In our class, the teacher is Chloe Argent and our curriculum teaching assistant is Sharon. We are also very pleased to have Emma and Debbie supporting our learners.

Please see information below regarding remote learning arrangements at our school.

Remote Learning At Fountaindale School

Spring 2 Planning

This term we will be exploring history through the study of famous world landmarks. Please see the attached planning below for pupils in our class, including those accessing blended and virtual learning.

Spring 2 – Weeks 1 And 2


Hello everybody, we’ve had a busy  couple of weeks doing a lot of celebrating!! Firstly we celebrated Chinese new year. We made lanterns, did some Chinese writing, ate Chinese food and re enacted the story of how Chinese new year came to be. This year is the year of the Ox and we looked at what animal our birth year was. We went to a supermarket in our role play activity and bought some food items to cook with. Some of us even tried eating with chop sticks!!

We enjoyed making Valentine’s cards for our loved ones as we celebrated this and Shrove Tuesday a little early as they both happen whilst we are off. We did some virtual pancake making as we caught up with our friends on teams. We had a vote on our favourite toppings and chocolate spread won hands down!!

After the sad news about Captain Tom we decided as a class to do a little fundraising to celebrate his cause. Our challenge is to do the daily mile around the woods at school independently! We will keep you posted on our success… enjoy the half term break.


Hello everyone, well today is the first day in ages that our playground has been free of snow!! We have taken full advantage, making an awesome snowman and in Science we brought the snow indoors and experimented with food colouring and paint added to a rapidl;y melting pile of snow. The effect was like a rainbow slush! As part of the Geography theme we have been looking at different buildings. We looked at churches in our local area and made one in DT. As we explored different faiths we looked at weddings and had an actual ceremony in class with full wedding breakfast-albeit somewhat limited… We have enjoyed our virtual learning with our friends and have been blown away with the standard of work that has been returned from home learning. Well done everybody!!

Hello and welcome back to our class page!

The theme we are working on this term is Geography. We will be exploring this theme by learning all about superheroes and the places they go!

Please see the class planning attached below to get a more in-depth look at the objectives pupils be working towards this term.

Extended Learning Opportunities for Our Pupils

As many of you are learning at home, please continue to complete your homework packs and tune into our daily lessons. These are held daily at 11:00am and you have received an invite by the class teacher, Chloe. We really love to see all of the hard work your children are getting up to.

Check your email inbox for a daily virtual story to share with your child. Attached to this email will be some questions about the story as well as some challenge questions and activities to really get them thinking and learning!

We are currently working towards being safety superheroes and learning all about road safety in the community. Here’s some fantastic games to learn about road safety at home alongside your home learning packs. Click the links below:

Road Safety Scotland

Take care everyone,

Class 1

Spring Term Planning

Spring 1 Wks 1 & 2Week 1 reflects planning for the first week of term (remote learning) as well as the second week in which pupils returned to school.

Spring 1 Wks 3 & 4

Spring 1 Wks 4 & 5

Well hello everybody welcome to 2021!!! Not the start we were expecting but we will all work through this together. We have sent out some home packs for you to work on and also we are offering an on line virtual learning session daily so we can have a catch up and a little fun in our learning. We have a couple of students in class and we have been working on their targets but it has been good to catch up with their friends virtually. Stay safe, stay in touch.

Class 1

14/12/20  We are almost there…

Wow! We seem to have been super busy with the festivities. Firstly we had to investigate a crashed sleigh scene in the playground. Then we had our Christmas production where we paid tribute to our real life Superheroes thanking all of our Keyworkers. Despite using Microsoft Teams and some “glitchy” moments I think we can say that everyone put 100% in to their performances and everyone enjoyed it!! We had the Fountaindale Bake Off competition last week where an array of outstanding cakes were made. Class 1 however, decided to bake a rustic, festive, sausage roll. The scene in class as we cut, chopped, peeled and squeezed different ingredients, was almost like something out of Master Chef. There was a very rigorous judging process as we waited for the result and we all cheered as we were declared Bake Off 2020 winners!! We look forward to further exciting Christmas activities this week including a visit from someone… and finishing off with a Christmas dinner on Wednesday.  Merry Christmas everyone!!

Class 1

In our assembly we made a friendship cake. All the ingredients were words put forward from classes 1, 4 and 5 on what makes a good friend. We put kind, helpful, hug, sharing and listening in to the mix and stirred it with love. Magically a beautiful cake appeared and was enjoyed by all.

Hello everybody, here we are edging ever closer to Christmas. We are starting to transform our bubble and the outside areas. We have been making natural Christmas decorations from the flora and fauna we have collected from the woods. We have been painting ferns, collecting holly and painting twigs then creating stars and wreaths. We celebrated Diwali making rangoli patterns, re-enacting the story of Rama and Sita and making Indian food.

Autumnal update

Welcome to the new class 1!! We have moved from class 3 and started in our new class after half term. We have been really busy getting stuck in to our new theme about Superheroes!! Our class room looks amazing and spookily all of our young people now seem to possess super powers as they steam through all their work effortlessly. We even gave Banksy some competition as we took our Art outside and adorned the walls with our creativity! We did a big Art Attack indoors creating a firework display using different effects to create a spectacular scene. We made bonfire goodies in our food tech session enjoying toffee, chocolate and marshmallow apples!! We are getting pretty excited about forthcoming events, not least the planning for our Christmas performance…

Watch this space!

Hi everyone, class 3 here to update you on  our latest news. Firstly we would all like to say we are really enjoying our Star of the Week assembly that has been reinstated on Microsoft teams. We get to see all our friends and celebrate our achievements together. It’s extra special as we can also see our friends at home who are not back in school yet. We had two whole school winners in our class as they had progressed in their independence and confidence . Working under their own initiative and demonstrating a renewed confidence in their work they were both worthy winners.

In other news we elected our school  Council Representatives for class who adapted very early to their new role as they asked a series of probing questions to the candidates for the Assistant Head teacher post!

In our work we have been fortunate to access outside learning in the woods as the weather has been kind. We’ve experienced first hand the changes as Autumn takes grip identifying different trees,  fungi and foliage. We have been making number sentences using the ‘+” and ‘=’ symbols and continue to look at ordinal numbers. We have worked hard on letter and number formation and in Art created some wonderful masterpieces mixing colour and texture.

CA Room 3 Autumn Planning 8 Weeks NA

Our planning for this term.


Hi everyone, just a quick update about what we have been up to this week. Staying with our theme about “Changes” and our topic story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” we indulged ourselves with some tasty fruit kebabs and chocolate to dip them into. We will always find an excuse to introduce food and tastes into our learning!! It was an ideal opportunity to look at changing state as we explore chocolate that is cold and then when it has been melted. Independence was encouraged to chop the fruit and to help with mixing and measuring. There was even an element of enthusiasm when it came to washing up!! Our senses were awakened as we explored different fruit by feel and smell whilst unable to see…

We are working really hard on our fine motor skills to perfect our mark making both functionally and intentionally. We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes and symmetry in nature and the environment. We also had an impromptu teacher cover as one of our students  took the reins and led our Communication session!!

Catch up with you all soon, Class3

Hello everyone and welcome to our class page!

Our theme this term is ‘Changes’ and we have started our unit by reading the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and exploring the story in depth in all of our subject areas.

In English, we have been researching caterpillar life cycles, saying sounds, and practising our writing and mark making.

In Maths, we have been working on counting and finding shapes found in our story.

In Science, we have used our five senses to investigate apples in different states of matter. We taste tested some apple juice, apple sauce, and crunchy apples. Yum! We also enjoyed potting some plants for a lovely sensory experience.

In DT, we went on a walk and did some blackberry picking. The next day we got the change to use our blackberries to make a delicious smoothie!

We have also enjoyed using the new playground equipment outside. We spent the afternoon laughing and smiling together.