Head’s Blog

Hi Everyone,

This is my first ever blog, so I am hoping you enjoy it.

Today many of our pupils have had their flu jab. I am pleased to say everything has gone very well. The nurses were very impressed with our pupils.

Our star of the week last Friday was Tyler from class 10 for excellent work in literacy, reading and spelling. Well done Tyler! 😊

This week the pupils are rising to the challenges of writing a new prayer for our Star of the Week assembly and designing Covid information posters.

Thank you for the fantastic response to our gallery of the month. So many fantastic pictures of your pets, please, keep them coming.

The Enterprise Tuck Shop continues to do really well and we appreciate your support. We have gifted entrepreneurs in Class 1, who never miss the opportunity to make a sale.  The profit they make helps to fund our end of year celebrations.

The weather may be a bit soggy at the moment but there are always lots of smiles in Fountaindale to brighten the days.

Looking forward to sharing more news later in the week