Values and Ethos

At Fountaindale we believe as a whole school community that “We are all stars” and to ensure our pupils are enabled to achieve their goals we have a shared values system in place.

‘We are all stars’

In order to be stars we must have:

S elf-reliant – We know what we need to do to succeed

T eamwork – We work together and support each other

A spirations – We must never lose ambition to achieve high

R esilience – If at first we don’t succeed, we try again

S uccess – We want you to celebrate our achievements however small they might be.

In order for us to be stars and succeed, Fountaindale supports our pupils to be:

Lifelong learners – an inspiring curriculum supports the pupils to broaden their horizons, decide their own pathway to their own destination; and be always thinking of the next step

Independence seekers – know how to feel and how to stay safe within their emotions; know how to look after themselves and where they can access help; want to do as much as they can by themselves but are not afraid to seek support

Communicators – have their own voice and communicate their truth freely

Choice makers – pupils are given the skills to take ownership of their learning through exploration and choice making. They are supported to be proud of who they are and are empowered to make choices