Training and Staff Development For Schools

Fountaindale regularly facilitates a range of staff training courses and parent workshops.  These events are open to staff, schools and families throughout Nottinghamshire.  Subjects include manual handling and emergency evacuation of children and young people with a disability, adapting a sensory curriculum and developing a personalised curriculum.

Manual Handling – Staff Training

Principles based training in assisting people to move available at Foundation and Link Worker levels.  In addition to practical training, theoretical elements include the legal framework and risk assessment legislation, ergonomics, musculoskeletal awareness and postural management of children and young people.

Manual Handling – Parent Workshop

Awareness raising for parents and carers of children with a disability.  Parents are given the opportunity to explore the principles of safer manual handling, become familiar with the legislation regarding their child’s manual handling plan, appreciate the importance of a postural management programme, trial a range of manual handling equipment and share their experience with other parents.

Emergency Evacuation Training

An opportunity for managers and site staff to clarify their role and legal responsibilities regarding emergency egress of people with a disability.  Practice and participate in the completion of an individual Personal Emergency Egress Plan (PEEP).  Gain awareness of equipment designed to meet pupils differing physical needs and how to make an appropriate selection

Developing a Sensory and Personalised Curriculum

A one day course designed and led by experienced practitioners.  Gain awareness of teaching styles designed to meet pupils differing learning and physical needs.  An opportunity to observe practice and participate in differentiated curriculum activities for pupils with physical disabilities.

Meaningful PE

A one day course led by a specialist in PE for pupils with disability.  Explore how the KS1 and KS2 PE curriculum and activities can be adapted to incorporate a pupil’s assistive or therapeutic equipment. 

Personal and Intimate Care Planning

A half day course designed to dispel the myths associated with a child’s continence needs and safeguarding.  The course brings clarity regarding the legal and moral responsibilities of settings. Participate in the process of personal and intimate care planning - meeting a pupil’s needs with dignity, privacy and respect. 

Planning Inclusive Educational Visits

A half day course, enabling you to gain awareness of the legal requirements of schools, when planning an off-site trip for pupils with a physical disability.  An opportunity to identify and explore the additional provision required, find out where to go to get appropriate help and advice, and to participate in differentiated off-site risk assessment for pupils with a physical disability.

Bespoke Training

Fountaindale has a history of delivering high quality training to schools nationally.

Schools may book a bespoke in-house training day for schools on assessing and delivering a three strand curriculum and training on Play, VI and HI as well as Sensory Approaches to Learning.


The school ran workshops at the ‘Leading and Managing the Changing Landscape for Learners with Complex Needs Conference’ in Birmingham in March 2017. Keynote speakers included Professor Barry Carpenter CBE & OBE and Richard Aird OBE who was a member of the Rochford Review.

The school also ran workshops in March 2017 in London at the conference titled ‘In Pursuit of a Specialist Curriculum for Learners with CLDD.’

In May 2017, the school spoke at the SSAT SEN Conference in London where keynote speakers included Diane Rochford and Lesley Cox.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our training, please contact Kelly Fedun at Fountaindale.