Physical Disability Specialist Service

Members of the Fountaindale Physical Disability Specialist Service work in close collaboration with colleagues from the Children and Family Specialist Service and health service to support the inclusion of pupils with significant physical disabilities.

FPDSS staff are involved in assessing children’s educational and physical access support needs; planning adaptations to buildings; advising on and providing specialist equipment; training and support to school staff, including training in safe manual handling. The service also provides strategic advice and training for Nottinghamshire Local Authority.

Disabled Pupils Access Panel is a referral panel which is held each month to coordinate the admission and transition of pupils with a significant disability into mainstream schools. The panel consists of the Head of Service, Access Officer, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

Members of the team include:

Safe Handling Access Advisors (SHAA) provide training and Individual Pupil Assessments related to manual handling.  Pupil specific manual handling equipment recommended during manual handling assessments is provided by the service. SHAAs also provide advice and support with writing Health Care and Intimate Care Plans. 

Curriculum Access Teachers (CAT) provide advice to mainstream school staff regarding differentiation and access to the school curriculum.  One of the CATs is a PE specialist.

Information Communication Technology Specialist undertakes pupil assessments and provides advice regarding ICT equipment and specialist access peripherals.  The service also provides the recommended equipment.

Occupational Therapists (OT) provide assessments related to individual pupil seating/furniture requirements.  Specialist seating is provided by the service following an OT recommendation. OTs are also able to provide advice relating to accessing the classroom environment. 

Office Manager and Admin Support Staff are available to offer advice regarding training and equipment provided by the service.  They are also able to answer general enquiries relating to the inclusion of children and young people with significant disabilities in mainstream schools.

Training In addition to regular ‘Handling Children and Young People with a Disability’ training the service also runs a number of courses that may be of interest to those working with disabled children in mainstream services.  For further details please click here to be taken directly to our training page.