Keeping In Touch

We recognise how important it is to establish good relationships and communication with parents and carers and welcome this wherever possible.

Close liaison between home and school is essential to ensure consistent approaches within educational and care programmes and to maintain accurate information.  On a day-to-day basis, a named member of staff has responsibility for liaising with parents and would usually be the first point of contact.

The daily use of a home / school book is encouraged, and we appreciate families providing us with feedback and ideas.  If parents raise concerns, we would wish to address these speedily in line with the complaints policy.

Parents evenings (daytime appointments are also offered) and coffee mornings provide an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s class teacher, but you are welcome to contact them in between these times to discuss any issues regarding your child’s progress.

Each student has an Annual Review when a multi-agency team meet with parents to discuss the student’s educational progress. This is reviewed along with other areas of development e.g. physical, speech and language. The Education Health and Care Plan is amended as necessary.  Each student has an Individual Educational Programme (IEP). Targets are set and reviewed at the end of each term in conjunction with parents and students. There is an opportunity to discuss the IEPs at the Annual Review.

In line with current initiatives, many of our pupils will have a Person Centred Review; this is in place of the Annual Review. The child is part of the planning process and the aim of the review is to ensure that all agencies work together to produce an Action Plan for the future.