Semi Formal Curriculum

The semi-formal curriculum recognises that many of our pupils and students have a range of complex learning difficulties and disabilities; and it is the combination of two or more of these difficulties the curriculum is designed to meet through a personalised learning approach.

It is an approach based on the pupil or student becoming a literate communicator, a mathematical thinker as well as acquiring early learning skills. This approach encompasses the development of thinking skills, creative learning and movement and is designed to be developmentally appropriate. It enables all pupils to take part in activities that are engaging, meaningful to them and provide relevant and challenging goals.

It is a curriculum for pupils and students who learn best when learning is related to their own experiences. Some pupils may learn through structured play whilst others will learn more effectively through functional activities or through topic-based approaches.

Older pupils will be expected to achieve accreditation in awards and certificates.

There will be a need for specialist provision such as sensory hydrotherapy, rebound therapy and sensory approaches to learning. The curriculum also encourages creative learning.

The semi-formal curriculum is for learners largely working between P4 and P8.

The Semi-formal Curriculum Handbook can be found in the Documents Section of our website.  You can also find out more about this curriculum by contacting the school.