Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 pupils have a curriculum that is modelled on the school’s pre-formal, semi-formal and formal curriculum structure. The pre-formal curriculum focuses on early developmental needs, the semi-formal curriculum is based around the delivery of core subjects and pupils following the formal curriculum, follow the National Curriculum.

Pupils who follow the pre-formal curriculum will have complex and profound multiple learning needs; they may also have additional complex medical and/or sensory needs. The curriculum enables these learners to have a personalised learning pathway and provides opportunities for multi-sensory learning and access to the themes that form part of the semi-formal curriculum. Those pupils on the semi-formal pathway will study the core subjects as well as learning through a thematic approach. Themes are delivered in a multi-sensory and creative way and are used to assess pupils thinking skills, pre-requisite skills and their social and emotional development. The pupils on the formal pathway will follow the National Curriculum.  Based on individual needs learners may access support for visual or hearing impairments as well as multi-sensory water activities.