About us

The Fountaindale Mission

The principal aim of our school is to provide a stimulating, challenging and caring environment, which allows each child to develop to their full potential educationally, physically, socially and personally. We strive to develop our children towards being valuable and valued members of their community.

We also aim to support the parents of disabled children and all schools across Nottinghamshire where disabled children attend by providing services which give access to quality resources and staff expertise.

Our Vision

To create a centre of excellence that influences education and services to enable outstanding lifelong learning and support for children with complex physical and medical needs.

We will serve the children and young people, their families and the communities of Nottinghamshire and surrounding Authorities and share our expertise regionally and nationally.

Our path towards this vision will include the development of:

• High quality, specialist, onsite education which meets the individual needs of children with complex physical and medical needs across the ability range
• Interagency collaboration and integrated working with education, health and care agencies
• Quality specialist support services to support the inclusion of pupils with physical disabilities and/or health related needs within mainstream schools
• Provision of specialist training on a local, regional and national level for professionals and parent/carers
• Access to specialist facilities and resources for children, young people and their families across Nottinghamshire, during and outside of school time to promote learning, independence and social interaction for the children and to support families in working with their child
• Quality advice and support for families regarding transition from children’s to adult services, and progression beyond Fountaindale

Our Aims

In order to attain this mission statement and realise our vision, the school aims to:

1.Provide a curriculum for every child which is:

  • broad, balanced and relevant
  • high in quality and the standards that it sets
  • fully differentiated and personalised to meet individual needs
  • experiential and active
  • accessible
  • delivered through the setting of achievable targets
  • integrated in approach, involving inputs from teachers, assistants, carers, therapists and medical staff
  • delivered in full partnership with parents
  • enriched through use of the local community
  • valued through the recognition of individual achievement

2.Develop each child’s level of independence and their ability to communicate to the maximum through a collaborative approach between all staff and parents

3.Develop each child’s social awareness to enable them to take as active a part in their local community as possible, through the provision of a wide range of experiences within the community and opportunities for integration with their mainstream peers

4.Develop each child personally, through the provision of support and guidance, spiritual and moral education, and through the general ethos of the school, seeking to encourage:

  • respect for themselves and others
  • maturity
  • confidence and self esteem
  • the ability to make decisions and choices
  • an understanding of the difference between right and wrong
  • respect for property
  • the ability to demonstrate personal spiritual beliefs
  • the ability to self evaluate

5.To work collaboratively with parents in the development of their child through the sharing of approaches and open access to personal support

6.Provide a range of quality services to mainstream and other special schools to support the inclusion of children with physical disabilities

Our School Values

Our school values encompass and extend upon British values and are embedded within the ethos, curriculum, organisation and management of the school.  Through these we constantly promote:

  • Friendship
  • Respect and tolerance
  • Excellence
  • Determination
  • Inspiration
  • Courage
  • Equality